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Unravelling Anna Reckin's 'Unravel'

Posted by Lynn Woollacott on Thursday, August 23, 2012, In : Poetry 


Unravel those French seams,

see if there’s a selvage edge:

             zig-zag of tiny holes where the loom gripped the cloth,

             the close-pressed, ruckled warp

Ignore the little cuts of buttonholes, but caress

                                       the buttons,

                                       remove them,

                                       put them in a tin


Ease out each dart, each knife- edge pleat

Unsettle sleeves, unpick pockets,


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Books Reviewed

Posted by Lynn Woollacott on Wednesday, August 15, 2012, In : Poetry 

The following reviews have appeared in Reach Poetry Magazine except where stated.

19) gentlemen lift the sea by rg gregory (June 2013)

18) WITHIN THE BALLAD BOUGHS by Bernard M Jackson (April 2013)

17) HOW TO PAINT FIREWORKS by Laura Jayne Friedlander (April 2013)

16) THE COLOUR OF FRENCH by Poul Webb (March 2013)

15) THE EXCITEMENT OF RAINDROPS by Norman Bissett (February 2013)

14) grass by Chrys Salt, (Nov 2012)

13) A TOUCH OF MIDAS by Bernard M Jackson (August 2012)

Bernard M Jackson is a popu...

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Poetry Update 2012

Posted by Lynn Woollacott on Thursday, August 2, 2012, In : Poetry 

Poems published:

Castle of Antimacheai (Kos), The Dawntreader, Issue 020, Autumn

A Crocodile’s Predicament, Thynks Publications, Fifty Funny Poems for Children, anthology (2012)

Dribble, Reach Poetry Issue 170, November

Ten Things You Need to Start a Museum, Reach Poetry Issue 168, September

By the Major Oak, 1st Prize, Thynks Open Competition 2012, web and anthology, July

Sleeping Boy, Poetry Unbound, Norwich Millennium Library, display and web-site, July

Lady of the Castle Gallery, Rea...

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