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Camden Lumen Reading, October 5th 2012

Posted by Lynn Woollacott on Monday, October 29, 2012, In : Poetry 

Poetry Reading at Camden, Lumen Venue

Our hotel was only a few minutes away from the church, we made a dash for it in pelting rain,
got my umbrella tangled in another, the man in the tangle kept running, somehow I escaped.
Ann Pilling was waiting in the church foyer with her husband, she recognised me which was nice,
Ann had organised the reading through Ronnie at Indigo Dreams Publishing, she is a widely
published author. Angela (Lock) was already inside the reading room and it was an honour
to ...

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Daniel's Poem (age two years and two months)

Posted by Lynn Woollacott on Monday, October 1, 2012, In : Poetry 

It’s been six days since I wrote a poem but joy comes in many forms, at six a.m.
 each morning my grandson has woken me, climbed into bed and asked for my pen
and notebook to start his day, he likes my pen of many colours. I like his bold swirls
and circles, the way he draws smiles bigger than people’s heads, the way he sees
each line as something frames in his mind, this straight line is up or down and then it
curves round and zig-zags in changing colour and is superimposed with larger ci...

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