The following reviews have appeared in Reach Poetry Magazine except where stated.

19) gentlemen lift the sea by rg gregory (June 2013)

18) WITHIN THE BALLAD BOUGHS by Bernard M Jackson (April 2013)

17) HOW TO PAINT FIREWORKS by Laura Jayne Friedlander (April 2013)

16) THE COLOUR OF FRENCH by Poul Webb (March 2013)

15) THE EXCITEMENT OF RAINDROPS by Norman Bissett (February 2013)

14) grass by Chrys Salt, (Nov 2012)

13) A TOUCH OF MIDAS by Bernard M Jackson (August 2012)

Bernard M Jackson is a popular world-wide poet and author and articles writer in the small press poetry scene of the UK
and India. He has nine previous collections of poetry and I was honoured to review his latest collection, A TOUCH OF MIDAS for Reach Poetry Magazine. This collection spans a quarter of a century of extensive creativity.
Examples of his work (and the other poets below) can be found on

12) LONG EXPOSURE AT CORDOBA by Katherine Crocker (August 2012)

11) ALL THE MISSING NAMES OF LOVE by Roselle Angwin (June 2012)

10) ONIONS AND OTHER INTENTIONS by Maggie Norton (March 2012)

9) OVER MISTY PLAINS by Alessio Zanelli (March 2012)

8) SPOTS OF TIME by Norman Bissett (Jan 2012)

7) WHALE LANGUAGE: SONGS OF IONA by Angela Locke (July 2011)

6) FIXING THINGS by Roger Elkin (March 2011)

5) BIRDWATCHING HOLIDAY ON THE ISLE OF BUTE, (Okay not poetry! An amazing week organised by the editor of Quantum Leap Poetry Magazine)

4) CHOOSING THE ROUTE by Patrick B Osada (Nov 2010)

3) INDIGO DREAMS REVISITED by Ronnie Goodyer, ENVOI issue 157 (October 2010)

2) THE LOST SONGS by Oz Hardwick (April 2010)

1) LETTING THE ROAD DUST SETTLE by Geoffrey Winch (March 2010)