Happy Burn’s Night 25th January

Norwich Book Club discussed my poetry book ‘Notes From The Balcony’.

What an honour for me, who ever thought I’d be in such a position given I’m the youngest of ten children – a coal miner’s daughter. I left school at age 15 to work in a factory. I have to thank Adult Education – in schools, The Open University and the University of East Anglia, and lately on-line learning courses and of course my publishers.  I confess I love being a student (I did teach Environmental Science – outdoors for 15+ years) and still participate as a student on writing courses (currently writing children’s fiction). If anyone wants to write I’d recommend courses structured to teach creative writing. I started when I was in my twenties with Mary Mackie, the romantic novelist; she put us on the right track telling us all to at least start with an English A level. And though it’s taken me years – the journey, the science, the writing, have been marvellous. It’s always seems to have been about the journey for me. I’ve had some of the most incredible experiences and epiphanies on courses, summer schools and writing retreats, and shall continue on these wonderful roads knocking on and opening doors.

Public Lending Rights (Library) 15 loans (woo hoo) for last year (= £1.17p, hmm what shall I spend it on? Has to be a charity box donation!) Thank you to those folk who use the libraries and borrow our books, tis enough reward that folk want to read them that keep us going ...