Wedding Poem

Their meeting began
with each becoming a familiar face
in photos of well-loved friends,

googling and facebook revealing characteristic traits,
Kev camping on Scafell, Em scaling the heights:
tents; snorkels; flip flops; cats; dogs and family.

Her aura is thousands of silver dancing stars,
his the blue of a calm Mediterranean sea.
He wanted to catch the stars, and she to sail the sea.

Their first date was to feed waddling ducks,
on the costal path in Cley-next-the-sea.
Kev favoured a vegetarian quiche and chips,

not knowing how Em would be
around Honey Roast Duck.

They walked on long afternoons beside the sea.
Finding each other’s spiritual grace when lost among
the sheep, crags and dales.

Kev learned of Em’s resilience in the maternity ward,
and she learned to take his hand, and together they
learned the joy and depth of love Daniel would bring.

Kev wondered if he should propose
on the summit of Skiddaw, under a cypress tree,
or a fifty mile bike ride for charity?

He gave the ring over a breakfast
of potato smiley faces, egg and beans; falling on one knee;
Daniel laughing at his dad’s genius.

And so we come together for their union
at this joyous, peaceful time, to show the world
the spirit of their love,

may God Bless them
and always light the stars, and the sun
on the deep blue sea.


For my beautiful daughter, Emily and her husband, Kevin Rawson on
 15th December 2012, St Peter's Church, Easton, Norwich.