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 Notes From The Balcony

 Lynn Woollacott

 Published by Indigo Dreams Publishing

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 ISBN: 978-1-909357570

 70pp,   £8.99

(   Poetry)


 Something and Nothing

 Lynn Woollacott

 ISBN: 978-1-907401428

 Published by: Indigo Dreams Publishing

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 On Something and Nothing:

It is a difficult thing to write about poverty in a mining village in the sixties without
conjuring up images of all the other texts with the same signifiers. What Woollacott does
is inject a familiar theme with fresh language and fresh imagery, creating an ash-filled
place, peppered with magical-realism, animals and kindred birds.

                                                                                                                  Helen Ivory



Fairy-tale realism, harsh and bitter-sweet  . . . these poems gleam and glitter with the
magic counter-language of childhood: rats, mice, gold stars, soot, dolls, birds, packets of
tea, the works outing, the cabbage patch, the cry of the rag-and-bone man, the sea . . .

                                                                                                                   Anna Reckin